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We continually develop new methods which provide the best security solution in the most challenging situations. That's why we research and work closely with each customer, to transform an idea into reality.

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Brida ajustable Ten-Lok RFID

TEN-LOK RFID adjustable indicating strap seal.

Smart seal to automate traceability management and automate data capture with high memory capacity.

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Product customization service

What is important for our customers is important to us. This is the reason why many companies place their trust in Precintia. Offering customized seals and security products.
Before advising on a seal or a marking technology we need to ask some questions.

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Es una empresa familiar española, líder en la fabricación de precintos de seguridad y sistemas de seguridad, con 37 años en el sector y que se encuentra en continua expansión y desarrollo de nuevos productos dentro del mercado de la seguridad pasiva, ofreciendo siempre la máxima calidad.

As manufacturers we offer a wide portfolio of security products to a wide range of industries. We offer security seals, security bags with sealable fasteners, security labels and rolls, security envelopes and bags and other products for monetary, postal and logistics organization.

The efficiency and versatility of our products and services has enabled us to attract customers from all over the world in industries such as food, maritime and air and land transport, banking and cash-in-transit, utilities, textile, chemical, agriculture, livestock and fishing, forestry, oil extraction, automotive, wholesale and retail, online sales, postal and courier services, public bodies etc. Everything necessary for providing solutions in all sectors.