For Precintia nothing is impossible.

As manufacturers we help our customers solve their current and future problems and we try to stay ahead of those intent on tampering with registered systems. We believe that a security seal is an element conceived, designed and tested for a specific purpose. A security seal requires investments, studies, tests and a commitment to collaborate with the user.

The team works from decision making to execution on the factory floor, to guarantee the final delivery of reliable products:

  • We design every new project with care and rigour.
  • We customize security in a product.
  • We create moulds and identify each cavity.
  • We inject plastic.
  • We thoroughly check the end quality.

Customization options for seals being presented in a client meeting


We continually develop new methods which provide the best security solution in the most challenging situations.

Investing in new technologies and systems does not guarantee competitive results. That is why at Precintia we work towards managing investments appropriately. That is why we face new manufacturing challenges by applying our know-how.

The objective of our production process is to meet the specifications of:

  • Quality.
  • Quantity.
  • Deadline.
  • Cost.
  • Service that each market requires.

Today we are your guarantee of quality products.

Precintia knows how a seal is born, the reason for its shape and functionality.

Our technical experts innovate, design and create high quality products for customers, to prevent tampering and obtain the highest quality. Precintia is synonymous with highly reliable products. For this reason we work towards achieving the following:

  • The technical, human and material reorganization of our resources.
  • The value of the team.
  • Control of our processes.
  • Flexibility in our production systems, allowing us to offer specific products for each customer.




And tomorrow? We will continue to provide solutions.

The manufacture, customization and distribution of seals requires security, dependability and rigorous controls that cannot be left to inexperienced and unskilled hands.

We continue looking for new alternatives to anticipate the needs of our customers:

  • Researching to improve our products.
  • Being demanding with the quality of our products and our service.
  • Maintaining a pioneering spirit.
  • Combining it with experience and new technologies.


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