Precintia - Mission


Precintia has been present in passive security systems market since 1982. Throughout this time our organization has evolved to become an international benchmark in its sector. That is why our strategy is based on:

  • Positioning the company as a leader in products and solutions for the security and traceability of merchandise, goods and assets.
  • Offering personalized services to customers, thanks to our know-how and expertise.
  • Being known and recognized for the quality and functionality of our products.
  • Offering the widest range of products for passive security and doing it internationally.


To become a global company preferred by customers, employees, suppliers, and all stakeholders related to the activity of the company. That is why we follow these principles:

  • Family: loyalty, sense of belonging.
  • Effective and efficient productivity, continuous improvement.
  • International growth and expansion in the European and Latin American market.
  • Durability and transcendence with decisions and long-term mentality.
  • Be a global leader in innovation and quality.
  • Acquire customers and provide them with quality solutions.

Precintia - Vision

Precintia - Values



  • Passion: It’s the engine of the company. Precintia aims to transmit and spread that passion to its surroundings and the entire team. Be committed in heart and mind. Persevere with our project. Learn from our mistakes.
  • Integrity: Gain the trust and respect of our customers, which leads us to behave with honesty and maintain our promises.
  • Identity: Precintia has its own identity and is made up of the efforts of all those who comprise it. Identify with and believing in the Precintia project is the basis of our success.
  • Commitment: It exists throughout the company.
    • Commitment to uphold standards of professionalism and achieve our objectives.
    • Commitment of all personnel, with the Precintia project and with the objectives of the company.
    • Commitment to professional development and positive relationships.
  • Security At Precintia, we live and breathe security; we incorporate security on a day-to-day basis and in our decision making.