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TEN-LOK RFID adjustable indicating strap seal.

Adjustable indicating strap seal.

Brida ajustable Ten-Lok RFID

Smart seal to automate traceability management and automate data capture with high memory capacity.

Available colours:

Offers maximum security against tampering and ensures traceability of valuable goods.
• Applicable for the food industry, cash-in-transit and/or banking, retail (online sales, superstores, retail), baggage control, logistics and land transport.
• Recommended for hams and shoulders (food traceability), money bags, truck doors, crocodile lid boxes, control of exit of goods in terminals and/or warehouses.
• There are different scenarios in which the project requires data capture, both fixed or mobile readings at both a single unit or batch level (hangers, conveyor belts, scales or arches.
• At Precintia we have the perfect solution for the non-manual reading of your items.
• We recommend that if you request this type of seal, you also use a barcode to allow you to track the coded numbering and complement the RFID system.
• Laser marking which offers a very high level of security. It cannot be erased.

Item available in stock.

Fiche du produit scellé de sécurité Ten-Lok RFID

Product data sheet TEN-LOK RFID security seals



• Flag 22 x 68 mm. Useful marking area: 20 x 60 mm.
• Strip: Diameter 2 mm and length 290 mm.





• Based on RFID VHS, GENS II.
• Material: Nylon.
• Laser marking and thermal printing.Option of marking logo, barcode and consecutive numbering.
• Tensile strength 21 kg
• Check availability of other colours.


  • APRE000025312 STOCK PRECINTIA CB 2/5
  • APRE000026359 STOCK PRECINTIA CB 128

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